Thousands of people in the world today are asking the same question: "How may I best serve humanity at this time of awakening?" Much of my own journey has been focused on showing that each of us has an important role to play, and I have tried to touch as many lives as possible with this message. But I also felt a deep longing to go much deeper with a smaller group, offering the inner teachings of the Emissaries and of becoming a Spiritual Peacemaker in the world. That is the reason the Beloved Community has established the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking, to assist people in finding their path of service and placing them in ministries where they may best bring peace.

The seminary program is conducted in many ways: streaming the courses over the Internet, through contact with a seminary facilitator, participation in Sacred Circle groups/calls, and through retreats held in various locations.

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Certificate Program

Obtain a "Certificate in Spiritual Peacemaking" from the Beloved Community Seminary

  • Delve into an intense 39 lessons drawn from the full Seminary Program
  • Be supported through mentor-ship from an experienced Peace Minister
  • Enjoy a personal introduction into the world of Peacemaking and the larger Beloved Community membership
  • Consider a continued course of study leading to Ordination as a Minister of Peace

This short program is perfect for anyone interested in exploring what it means to be a Spiritual Peacemaker in the world today via an intense trans-personal experience.

Tuition: $695.00 USD

To register or for more information, please contact Rev. Christine at