WELCOME to the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking Information Page

We are very excited to offer the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking program, and are honored to invite you to be part of this course. Your Seminary experience will be guided by one of our graduates who is an ordained Minister of Peace.

Included on this page is all the information on the Seminary program, from its origins, to an outline of the course, the cost, and registration procedures, all the information you will need to make your decision. We believe that this program will make a vital contribution to the world and help bring about the Peaceful Kingdom we have all envisioned. This is such an important time for humanity, and it is from this that we have created this program.

Each one of us is a microcosmic manifestation of the whole universe, and we can all feel inner shifts taking place that reflect larger shifts in the world. We long for meaningful connection with each other, for solutions that transcend the traditional definitions of the world we live in, and to be part of a spiritually based community that is actively participating in these solutions. We need a new way of looking at peace, and of responding to the complex situations humanity finds itself in during this critical time. Creating peace in the world requires people who are committed to the foundation of inner peace, for peace is a choice each one of us makes long before it is perceived by countries and governments. It is time for prepared "Spiritual Peacemakers" to emerge, to shift the very foundation of the world's consciousness. When this happens, then peace on earth will occur on its own, simply because a real solution has finally been achieved.

You have been called to be a Spiritual Peacemaker in the world. Will you step forward now and claim your place beside all the others who chose this station before they were born?

James has had the chance to travel the world sharing this vision with thousands of people, and has done his best to present the lessons he has learned through his books, workshops and Internet courses. And yet he always knew the time would come to move much deeper with a select group of Peacemakers willing to dedicate their lives to this ideal. That's why we have created the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. It's time to take this light and share it with the whole world, and in doing so, to assist in the inevitable movement toward a world based upon the laws of compassion and love.

We hope you share this conviction, and that you feel the Spirit of Truth guiding you into our family. Together we can do so much.

Since we are registered as a church organization, we are able to create a program that meets with the spiritual goals of the Beloved Community. Therefore, we have established the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking to assist others in fulfilling the unique missions given them by the Source of all our lives. After successful completion of the Seminary program you will be eligible for ordination as a Spiritual Minister of Peace. Please note, this is a U.S.A. based program, and as such may only be recognized within the United States. Should you reside outside the U.S.A. you will need to check with your local government for requirements.

There is no doubt that you have been called to serve. The question now is: will you choose to serve the world as an ordained Minister of Peace? James personally sees the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking as his life work, and is committing himself to the highest level of involvement and effort. You are invited to join this family.

Thank you for taking the time to prayerfully consider this option. We look forward to opening this door even wider.