US Capitol Miracle?

On March 25, James Twyman and representatives from Communities of Peace ( gathered on the west lawn of the US Capitol to commemorate the Season For Non-Violence. During the ceremony a mile long quilt called "The Children's Cloth of Many Colors" was laid on the grass in the form of an enormous peace sign. The quilt was there for no more than one hour and was then removed.

The next morning a call was received by the Capitol Police asking why there was a peace sign blazed into the grass. In fact, the grass where the quilt lie was greener and longer than the rest of the lawn. The response from around the world has been extraordinary. Please help us spread the word of this miracle. For more information please read the attached emails from James reporting the incident.

Below are two emails from James Twyman with more information:

MIRACLE at the US Capitol

A Letter From James Twyman:

A miracle took place yesterday at the US Capitol during our peace concert in Washington, DC. I was informed about this only moments ago through a phone call from the Capitol Police Department and knew it was important to spread the word as quickly as possible. I hope you'll pass this email to as many people as possible throughout the world. We also hope to receive photos of the miracle to post on my website,

I believe that this miracle is a sign from Heaven. In fact, the Capitol Police are threatening to charge us to pay for the removal of the sign which appears on the west lawn of the building facing the Washington Monument.

Here's the story:

Eight years ago I initiated a peace project called the Cloth of Many Colors, a mile long quilt made up of millions of small swatches of cloth donated from around the world. It was presented at the UN, The US Capitol and the Pentagon in September of 2000, then around the world at many international peace gatherings. While at the Capitol the idea was born to create a children's version of the quilt, an idea that was successfully headed by the Master's Group, an organization in the Washington area. The Children's Cloth of Many Colors is now nearly as long as the original quilt.

During a concert and ceremony held on the lawn of the US Capitol yesterday it was decided to use the Children's Cloth to create an enormous peace sign, one that would be clearly visible for many miles. The symbol was soon completed and the ceremony held within. We could feel the energy radiating from the peace sign, and we shared many prayers asking for humanity to turn toward peace and a world based upon the laws of compassion and love.

There was no way for us to know just how powerful our prayers of peace were!!!

According to the police, the quilt literally burned the peace sign into the lawn of the US Capitol. Though I am relying upon the reports of the police and have not seen the miracle with my own eyes, it is apparently clearly visible and they are hastily doing everything possible to have it removed.

But it won't be removed from our memories or our hearts.

I believe that this is a brilliant manifestation of the prayers of peace from millions, even billions of people from around the planet who no longer resonate with the warring policies of many governments around the world, and it seems that Heaven has made its own feelings heard. There is no obvious physical explanation for this phenomenon. The quilt was placed softly on the ground for only one hour, so the possibility of a human cause is remote.


James Twyman and Rev. Michael Beckwith will talk more about this miracle on their conference call this Wednesday at 1PM EST. The call is free but you'll need to register if you want to listen.

There are already thousands of people signed up so plan on getting on the call early. If you don't make the live conference you'll receive information on how you can listen to it online later. You'll be emailed the conference call phone number as soon as you sign up.


If you live anywhere near New York City, join us for our final concert at the United Nations. Who knows what miracles might occur.

James Twyman

US Capitol Miracle Continues

The Miracle of the peace sign appearing on the lawn of the US Capitol continues. If you haven't heard the entire story, on Sunday, March 25, James Twyman focused a peace ceremony commemorating the Season For Non-Violence in Washington, DC. During the ceremony, which was held on the west lawn of the US Capitol, the "Children's Cloth of Many Colors" (for more info on this amazing project please visit was laid gently on the grass in the form of a giant peace sign, and the ceremony took place in the center.

The next day the sponsor of the event, Gerry Eitner, received a concerned phone call from the US Capitol Police saying that the grass where the cloth lie was now discolored, leaving an enormous peace sign on the lawn.

This morning the police department called back with more information. They believe that some type of fertilizer attached to the quilt caused the discoloration. In reality, however, there was nothing attached to the Children's Cloth except the prayers of those present at the ceremony, as well as thousands of people from around the world. Subsequent calls to professional lawn care companies indicated that there is currently nothing on the market that would cause such a sudden overnight change. In fact, witnesses reported that the "peace sign grass" is actually longer and greener than the rest of the lawn.

Has a miracle visited the US Capitol? If so, then what is the message?

From James Twyman:

"I believe that this miracle was caused by two factors. First of all, there were hundreds of thousands of people focusing on the Capitol ceremony while it was taking place. At one point we actually held hands around the peace sign and called upon the energy of all those people from around the world, feeling their presence around the quilt with us. The intent of so many people can be a powerful energetic force and seems to have catalyzed a change in the actual earth causing the grass to grow greener and longer overnight. Second, I believe that in some way and for some reason the earth is literally giving us a sign. This is a critical point in the history of the world. If we don't begin turning our thoughts and actions toward peace, for both humanity and the environment, a deep crisis may be around the corner. For me the peace sign on the lawn of the US Capitol is both a warning and a symbol of hope. I'm hoping we'll listen and begin working for peace."

Photos of the grass as well as the peace ceremony will be online later today or tomorrow. PLEASE HELP SPREAD THE WORD BY PASSING THIS EMAIL TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE.