This central book was first released as a series of Internet lessons that were enjoyed by tens of thousands of people throughout the world. Many of them felt that it was one of the most essential transmissions from an awakened consciousness in modern times. Later published by Findhorn Press, the book is divided into two sections: The 33 Lessons, and The Daily Lessons. The first thirty-three lessons were the result of an experience James Twyman had at the Dead Sea in Israel in 2003. While floating in the sea he had a vision of Jeshua (the original Hebrew name of Jesus) who told him that it was time to reveal the “secret teachings” he had shared with his closest disciples two thousand years ago. He said that humanity is now ready for this wisdom, and that it is critically important at this particular time in human history.

In the book Jeshua describes the process of enlightenment and how anyone can realize this state through the application of what he calls The Three Enlightenments: The Illumined Mind, The Awakened Heart and The Realized Soul. He says that there is no process for becoming enlightened, but simply the acceptance of the Vision of God that is already present within us. We are here to: “See as God Sees, Feel as God Feels and Know what God Knows.” This forms the foundation for one of the most important spiritual texts in the world today.

Quotes from The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking:

“You have been called to be a bearer of peace in a world of dreams. There is a reason for this. You want to wake up from this world, and it is the only way. The only way for you to awaken is to awaken others. And yet, no one needs to wake up but you. Why, then, do I say that you must give this gift to receive it? It is so simple. Because you are only giving to yourself. There is no one there but you to give or to receive.”

Lesson One


“I have called you my Beloved Friends, my family, because I have looked upon your Love and recognized it as my own. Now you must do the same, for to fully enjoy this Sacred Union we must see with the same eyes, perceive the world through the same heart, and know the Beloved every moment we live. The Three Enlightenments are not real, for they do not indicate any real change in you. But they seem real because your heart has been closed so long, and is finally returning to its most natural state.”

Lesson Twelve


“There is no one for you to forgive, including yourself, since your concepts of yourself are as unreal and the world you created to hide in. You cannot hide forever.”

Lesson Twelve


“The only thing you need is to remember an ancient agreement you made before you were born, even before the thought of birth in this world seemed possible. That moment is not so far away as you might think; in fact, it is happening right now. That I why the ending is sure, that you will awaken and fulfill this Holy Contract. That is why I am so confident in the Light that draws you forward, for I am standing before the transformed YOU now.”

Lesson Twenty-Four


“Many have claimed to hear the Voice for God and to record the messages they have received. There was a time when many of my words were recorded, and they were said to have come from God. Know that it is true, that every word that has come from my mouth has been from God. But it is no different for you, when you allow yourself to be used by the Spirit and the Way of God. This, as you know, is your goal.”

Lesson Twenty-Six


“Let us walk together in the Perfect Light that illumines the world, for this is what you chose to do before you were born. I will not abandon you, and you must not abandon me. Stay awake now, and we will discover a way of living that cannot be described in words, but can be lived and loved.”

Daily Lesson One


“Peace must come to the world through you and as you. This has been the foundation of everything we have learned till now, and it will remain so. You are not separate from the peace you give, and that is why you cannot offer it to another without receiving it yourself. Let this be the day, then, that you choose to have everything you deserve.”

Daily Lesson Three


“The world you see with your eyes is not the real world. The world you perceive, or SEE, with your soul is eternal, and is therefore true. When you seek this truth above all things, then you discover who you are, for you cannot be separated from the truth except in your dreams. Seek to Know by Giving what you Know. This should be the only thing you think about, the pervading desire of your whole mind. Wholeness is returning to you now, for it never left. You are discovering this NOW, since NOW is the only moment such a discovery is possible.”

Daily Lesson Seventy-Nine